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Welcome to Prism Electronics

You sacrificed and saved and now you hold in your hand the holy grail guitar you always promised yourself you would have. The crowd is pumped and the lights are dimming. As you approach the stage and prepare to jack in, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your cable is going to work. Or if the sound guy is watching and knows to mute your channel to prevent the thumping the speakers. Our POPLESS cables take all the worry out of active inserts. And the last thing you should hear is that annoying buzz from a loose ground.

Prism Cables use the finest quality components to ensure awesome reliability. From Neutrik connectors to Mogami or Canare cable, Prism custom builds every cable to customer specification. Each cable is hand solder and subjected to rigorous quality testing before careful packaging for shipment to the new owner. With over 5,000 concert grade cables produced, Prism is proud to have a 100% customer satisfaction rating. After trying Prism cables, most customers will never use anything else. Give us a try and experience your sound as clean and clear as it can possibly be. Unless you are going for that crunchy solo, then crank it without fear. Now if only that sound guy would turn me up…….

Ph: 972.231.7747 • Email Us • 838 N Glenville Drive Richardson, Texas 75081